£10 cream hailed as ‘game changer’ for easing chafing and chub rub

Hot weather means fewer clothes and more sweating – which for those of us whose thighs touch can also mean a whole lot of discomfort.

Chub rub, as it’s been nicknamed, is when exposed between the thighs chafes, and it can range from mildly intolerable to straight-up painful.

That’s why, when a potential solution pops up, we’re all ears. And this bargain cream may just be that summer saviour for you.

Under a Twitter thread of heatwave tips, one person recommended Neat 3B Action Cream, calling it a ‘game changer’ for easing chafing.

At £10.95, it contains an antiperspirant as well as an emollient, soothing broken skin and lessening the effects of excess moisture.

Apply to your legs, buttocks, breasts, or anywhere else you’re prone to chafing and sweat rashes, and the ‘proactive not reactive’ formula prevents these issues before they occur.

Without steroids, it’s also safe for the whole family, and it can even help stop fungal infections.

Neat 3B Action Cream is the number one seller in its category in Australia and New Zealand – and if anyone knows how to handle the heat, it’s those guys.

However, there are hundreds of five-star reviews from here in the UK, with happy customers ranging from chub rub sufferers to performance athletes.

One person said: ‘I have battled my whole life with a chafing status. Finally i can wear whatever I want and walk long distances,’ while another wrote: ‘Can’t put in words how amazing this product is.’

‘Having struggled with chafing under the breasts this is a fabulous find – first used in Vietnam and Cambodia where humidity is over 90% and very hot and not a mark – before would have been rubbed raw!’ said one more reviewer.

It appears that the trick is to use this cream sparingly, as a little goes a long way. Try to apply it each morning, too, as Action Cream works best before irritation or excessive sweating occurs (rather than as a last resort).

Get Neat 3B Action Cream for £10.95 at Amazon now.

Plus, if you’re still struggling, check out these product recommendations and tips to beat chub rub when temperatures climb.

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