“I wish I knew about this glowy skin shortcut sooner”

I’m always looking for new ways to make my skin shine, but it turns out the easiest trick was right under (well, on) my nose the entire time…

Like the rest of the world, I’m on an endless quest for glowier skin. 

I’ve tried every high-tech facial going, slathered myself in all the vitamin C serum the Stylist beauty cupboard has to offer and I do regular facial massage exercises. Yes, all that stuff definitely helps. But if I had known that a five-second trick could fake that otherwise laborious dewy skin finish,I certainly would have cut my losses and skipped to the shortcut much sooner.

This particular nugget of beauty genius comes courtesy of make-up artist Gregoris Pyrpylis.

“Make-up is moving away from the use of powder,” he told me. “We used to use it in places where we didn’t want shine, but nowadays, we want all the shine, so powder is out.” So far, so easy.

“The easiest trick for getting the complexion to look instantly healthier is adding a little shine to the very tip of the nose – it instantly makes skin look more fresh without looking as though it has loads of product on it.” Basically, a sheeny nose tricks the eye into seeing a sheenier complexion. It almost sounds too simple to be true.

Naturally, I decided to put it to the test. Here’s me before shining my nose. 

I used a flat foundation brush to swipe a little of Biossance’s 100% Squalane Oil, £27, over the very tip of my nose. Here’s me afterwards:

It’s seems hyperbolic, but I’ve got to say: this is a beauty revelation. For years, we’ve been told to do everything in our power to ward off oiliness, yet leaning in to skin’s natural sebum production (or in this case, faking it) actually holds the power to make skin look brighter and healthier. It doesn’t make skin look greasy; it makes skin look as though it has just emerged from a two-hour facial. And that’s something I’m very much here for.


Not a fan of oils or prefer a more translucent, semi-matte sheen? Simply brush a trace of highlighter over the tip of the nose for the same effect, minus the wetness. Using a powder will also make the effect last longer too.

Shiseido’s Aura Dew, £28, comes in three shades, just make sure you apply the teeniest amount; whatever is left on your fingers or brush after you’ve applied it to your cheekbones will be enough.

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