The Best Pencil Cases, Lunch Boxes & Backpacks for Back to School

The school year is almost here — and it’s time for back to school shopping. After a year and a half of the coronavirus pandemic, students and parents alike can’t wait to return to a bit of normalcy, and that means new back to school supplies to start the year off right. 

Whether you’re looking for a pencil case to keep those writing utensils, colored pencils and art supplies organized, a new backpack to get you (or your child) from point A to point B, or a total refresh on your school supply stash, there are great deals to make it happen. ET Style has rounded up the best school supplies no matter what age your kid is, whether you’re sending your child to the classroom for the first time, or just need an updated lunch bag for a middle school student for the new school year.

The EASTHILL Grid Mesh Pen Pencil Case is sure to make an impact, and at just $13, it’ll do it without breaking the bank. The CICIMELON Plaid White Pencil Case offers timeless style in ethereal colors, while the Mr. Pen Fabric Pencil Pouch has room for just about everything.

Check out our picks of the best pencil cases, backpacks and lunch boxes below. 




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