The Stretch Mark Oil That Always Sells Out Is Finally Back in Stock

At one point or another, everyone has those “ugh” moments when they see their reflection in the mirror. “Ugh, a new wrinkle.” “Ugh, another gray hair.” “Ugh, a new stretch mark.” And although we’re not here to tell you to buy into in the beauty industry’s pressure to completely eliminate those things that naturally (and quite beautifully) happen to our bodies, we are here to share those darn good products that can help reduce the appearance of some of these “ugh”-causing factors.

The body care landscape is vast and overwhelming, and the number of products you can come across in a minute that all promise to do the same thing — e.g., fade stretch marks — is, well, just too high. That said, thousands of people have expressed their love for a particular celeb-loved stretch mark oil that’s so popular, it’s sold out three times and amassed a 1,000-person waitlist in the process. A waitlist? For a stretch mark oil? You know it must be good.

The highly sought-after stretch mark oil, called Belly Oil, comes from celeb-loved maternity brand Hatch, a label with an impressive fan list that includes Meghan Markle, Khloe Kardashian, and Lea Michele. Technically designed to be used during pregnancy, Hatch’s beloved Belly Oil is made with all-natural ingredients like calendula, ultra-hydrating sweet almond oil, and antioxidant-rich grapefruit peel. It’s free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, and fragrance, so you can feel 100 percent good about slathering it on.

This quick-drying oil isn’t only for mamas-to-be. It’s great for anyone whose body needs some intense hydration, pregnant or not. And it’s a must for those looking for something that effectively fades the appearance of stretch marks. People who’ve tried the product IRL are completely “in love” with this luxurious oil that feels good, smells good, and does good (for the epidermis).

“Love the smell and hydration! I use this every day after my shower — I do have some tiny mild stretch marks appearing on my hips but I think it’s just genetics,” writes one customer. “I love that it’s [packed with] clean ingredients and don’t think there is a product that could work any better!”

Whether you’re looking to fade stretch marks or simply want to hydrate from head-to-toe, Hatch’s best-selling belly oil has you covered (literally). Shop the top-rated product before it sells out a fourth time below.


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