These genius devices will your restore skin’s radiance and firmness at home

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Celebrities and skin experts swear by the low-current treatment.

Like microshading, microneedling and LED face masks, microcurrent therapy is another skincare and beauty trend we’ve seen pick up speed this year. 

A treatment that can be done in a clinic or at home, celebrities and dermatologists have extolled the benefits of low-level electrical currents for overall skin health. From increased radiance to plumper and firmer skin, there’s a lot to be said for using microcurrent devices. 

So, to make sure you have all the information, we asked the experts. Here’s what they have to say. 

How do microcurrent devices work?

“A microcurrent treatment is essentially a non-invasive facelift that uses a low-level current of electricity to stimulate, lift and strengthen the facial muscles,” explains Sarah Waterman, senior aesthetician at beauty and skincare studio Young LDN in Notting Hill. 

“It is commonly referred to as a ‘workout’ for the face; and has been clinically tested as a safe and efficacious treatment both in-clinic and at home to encourage definition, collagen development, and growth of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – a powerhouse molecule that provides energy for key functions, including protein synthesis, which aids in collagen and elastin production.

“It’s an extremely low level of electricity that mirrors the body’s own natural electrical current. As the electrical pulses that stimulate the facial muscles are mild, treatments are completely painless and quite relaxing.”

What are the benefits of using microcurrent devices?

“The benefits of microcurrent are instant but just like exercise, the best results are achieved after multiple sessions. About five minutes a day or two to three times a week will help to encourage the muscles over time to stimulate collagen growth,” explains Waterman. 

“The benefits of microcurrent go far beyond that of just a non-surgical facelift, it also enhances circulation, boosts the penetration of skincare products, and erases signs of ageing in the epidermis by improving skin texture and tone to help reduce the appearance of sagging skin.

“The beauty of microcurrent is that results are visible in minutes. After just five minutes, you can see a visible difference; the skin is lifted, tighter, brighter, and overall, more glowing. An at-home microcurrent device is recommended in between professional treatments for maintaining the best results.”

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Can microcurrent devices provide long-term changes to the shape of the face?

“Only with regular use. When people who work out and have great muscle definition stop exercising, their muscle definition will eventually reduce. It’s the same with microcurrent energy and the face. To see long-term results, it needs long term use,” says Bianca Estelle, skin specialist, medical aesthetician and founder of Bea Skin Clinics.

So, protracted use is key to seeing improvements with this type of treatment but the frequency of use is another key step: “This is a treatment where you will see a marginal improvement after one session, but this should be used frequently for maximum benefit,” says Dr Ross Perry, medical director of Cosmedics skin clinics.

“People tend to use this as a form of anti-ageing. Sagging skin, fine lines and general loss of tautness in the facial muscles will see a benefit from regular use. If the skin is looking lacklustre and tired, it will also help overall skin texture by boosting circulation, encouraging the muscles to work harder whilst stimulating collagen and boosting elastin production.”

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use a microcurrent device?

“Microcurrent therapy is safe and relatively painless. However, if you have cancer, epilepsy, are diabetic, pregnant or prone to blood clots (thrombosis), or have heart issues (such as a pacemaker fitted) a microcurrent device or facial is not recommended,” says Waterman. 

“Individuals with past or present health concerns or questions not listed must seek medical advice to determine if microcurrent is right for them. 

“Similarly, if you have chronic acne, microcurrent might further exacerbate the inflammation, so it’s always best to speak to a professional before using a device or booking in for a facial.”

  • NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

    Adored by celebrities and dermatologists, the NuFace Trinity is designed to stimulate the larger areas of the face – cheeks, forehead, chin, neck and jawline. 

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  • Foreo Bear Facial Toning Device

    The Foreo Bear microcurrent device has five intensities to help lift and contour the various areas of the face. It has an anti-shock system to protect your skin and comes with a paired app to programme various facial workouts. 

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  • Foreo Luna 3 Plus Thermo-Facial Brush with Microcurrent

    A dual-tool, the Foreo Luna 3 is waterproof and comes with a silicone touchpoint cleansing brush and a targeted microcurrent head. Use the app to tailor the experience to your individual skin needs. 

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  • NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device

    A smaller version of the cult NuFace Trinity tool, this microcurrent device is the perfect skin-ccessory for frequent travellers. 

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  • BeGlow TIA MAS Facial Toning and Cleansing Device

    Cleanse and tone using this double-ended microcurrent device. Fully waterproof and ergonomic, it glides over the face and can be used on clean, wet skin. 

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  • Foreo Bear Mini Facial Toning Device with 3 Microcurrent Intensities

    Surprisingly powerful for a small device, the Foreo Bear Mini targets the eye area and smaller contours of the face. 

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  • NuFACE Fix Line Smoothing Device

    Smaller and more compact, this wand-like microcurrent tool is specifically designed to treat the eye, mouth, forehead and nose areas.

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  • Ziip Device + Golden Conductive Gel Duo

    The brainchild of aesthetician Melanie Simon, Ziip Beauty’s facial device promotes collagen production and cell regeneration for a glowing, radiant complexion. 

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  • FaceGym Pro Non-Invasive Facelift Device

    FaceGym’s patented diamond-shaped microcurrent heads help to tone and firm facial muscles. Also included: the Collagen Infusion Serum to be used as an activator and hydrating gel with the device. 

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