Why Yes, Madison Bailey's Eyebrows Are Flawless — Here Are the 3 Products She Uses

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Madison Bailey may not wear much makeup while in character as Kiara on Outer Banks — just a dab of concealer here and a swipe of lip balm there — but you can always count on her eyebrows looking on-freakin’-point. We caught up with the actress to chat about her new Brow Talk campaign with Schick Hydro Silk, and before teasing some juicy Outer Banks season two plot points, she gave us the full scoop on her easy brow routine.

Whether she’s on set getting ready to film alongside her Pogue crew or back at home casually crushing TikTok dances with her girlfriend, Bailey maintains her brows with three different products. First, she gets rid of any lingering stray hairs and cleans up the shape using Schick’s Hydro Silk eyebrow razor. “I like to keep my arch pretty natural and not take too much off,” Bailey said. (Same, girl . . . same.) She also added some helpful pointers for anyone who may not be familiar with using the tool: “I hold the skin taut and go slowly over the area once or twice. My biggest piece of advice if you want to keep your natural arch like me is to take a step back away from the mirror every so often, so you can really see the progress and decide how much more you want to clean up.” Yep, we’re taking notes.

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