14 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Still Meaningful

If anyone understands that you’re busy, it’s your mom. The best part is, she’s probably very proud of you for being a responsible adult who has the capacity to balance a healthy social life and work schedule. But she’s still expecting something for Mother’s Day. A card, at least. Thankfully, there is an abundance of thoughtful Mother’s Day 2019 gifts you can get same-day, whether you’re scooping something up on the way to meet mom or having something delivered.

I know that it’s not that you forgot Mother’s Day. It’s just that you didn’t have the time to think ahead. That doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on being thoughtful! But just so you’re at least a little bit prepared, Mother’s Day 2019 falls on Sunday, May 12. Block out brunch on your cal now.

Even if you don’t have an extravagant gift prepared for when you see mom, you can at least have a little something-something that will warm her heart. From a well-written gift card that will make her chuckle and possibly even tear up to a bouquet of flowers bursting with the pastel colors of spring. You can’t go wrong with a quality same-day gift for Mother’s Day. Hey, even stopping into the convenient store to stock up on her favorite candies would suffice. In addition to your presence, it’s, after all, the thought that counts.

A Bottle of Wine

2013 The Pinot Project Pinot Noir 750ml


Amazon Prime Now

Before embracing mom for a tight, loving Mother’s Day hug, order a bottle of wine to be delivered within the same day thanks to Amazon Prime Now.

A Sweet Card

Hallmark Studio Ink Mothers Day Card


Amazon Prime Now

Mother’s Day is all about showing your mom gratitude. Gratitude for loving you through every stage of awkwardness and sassiness you endured in your youth. Mom has always been there. Thank her for loving you through it all with an appropriate card.

A Card That Will Make Mom LOL

Hallmark Shoebox Funny Mothers Day Card


Amazon Prime Now

You can’t go wrong with cards. Especially at the last minute. Most cards will make your mom laugh-out-loud without having to write anything yourself at all. (But do write something yourself.)

A Very Pretty Bouquet

Tulip, 20 Stem


Whole Foods Amazon Prime Now

Thankfully there are florists everywhere. It won’t be a problem finding a beautiful bouquet for your mom the day of. Whether you pass through a farmer’s market or a grocery store, there’s a gorgeous arrangement of florals your mom will love to have on the dining room table. And thanks to Amazon Prime Now, you can get a bouquet within hours.

Virtual VISA Gift Card

VISA Virtual Account Gift Card


If your mom likes to shop, get online and send an eGift card to her inbox. She’ll get the present before you get to brunch.

Have A Bouquet Delivered

Elegant Blush Bouquet



Can’t be with mom this Mother’s Day? You can always have a bouquet of flowers delivered to her. Thanks to 1-800-Flowers, have a bouquet show up on the same day you order them. Favorite child status: saved. 1-800-Flowers’ same day delivery requires that you order before 11:30 a.m. on Sundays. Because the flowers would be delivered to a local florist, you may be charged an extra service charge.


Pretzel Milk Chocolate


Whole Foods Market/Amazon Prime Now

Whether a chocolate bar or chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered pretzels, you can’t go wrong presenting mom with chocolate. If you can’t order online for same day, pop into a local bakery or grocery store to claim a batch for your mother. But there’s always Amazon Prime Now that can get you Whole Foods Market bulk chocolate covered pretzels delivered in hours. The pretzels are priced at $5.99 per pound.


Alex and Ani Bangle Bar Imitation Birthstone Bangle Bracelet


Amazon Prime Now

Getting a bracelet? Without having to stand in line at a busy, buzzing jewelry shop? Without having to wait a week for it to arrive in your mailbox? It’s true. An Alex and Ani charm bracelet can be delivered the same day thanks to Amazon Prime Now.


Give & Go, Red Velvet Cupcakes


Amazon Prime Now

The best thing about baked goods is, well, they’re baked goods. The second best thing is that you can scoop up a dozen or two for mom on Mother’s Day from either a bakery near you or trusty Amazon Prime Now in your city.

A Spa Day, Sort Of

Spa Finder Gift Card



Go wild with gift cards. The internet is a procrastinator’s paradise. If you put mom’s gift off to the last mine — or, day of — there’s always gift cards. Whether a physical card, a printed out voucher or sent in an email, you can rely on gift cards.

DIY Hand Care Kit

OPI Avojuice Hand Lotion, Minis Sampler 6-Pack


Amazon Prime Now

Locate your nearest CVS and go to town on the nail care and beauty aisle. If your mom is into manicures and at-home spa days, you can easily collect a few new nail polish colors for her at any CVS location.

A Must Read

Becoming by Michelle Obama


Amazon Prime Now

Give mom something she won’t be able to put down. Get Michelle Obama’s book Becoming delivered to your front door before grabbing dinner with mom.

Plants That Require No Green Thumb

Arizona East, Succulent


Whole Foods Market/Amazon Prime Now

Not all of us have a green thumb. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have plants. I present to you, the succulent. Get online now to order a same day delivery plant and show up to Mother’s Day brunch with succulent in hand.

Picture This

Umbra Prisma Picture Frame, 4×6 Photo


Amazon Prime Now

What’s thoughtful is giving your mom something she can hang on the wall or keep on her nightside table. Grab a picture frame from Amazon Prime Now and fill it with a picture of you two. Extra points for gifting it with a sentimental card … that you also picked up from the gift shop 20 minutes before meeting up with mom.

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