A$AP Rocky's Alleged Victim Relying on Witness Busted for Theft

One of the men testifying against A$AP Rocky in Sweden — a witness to the street brawl — has his own serious legal trouble, but, mysteriously, his case seems to now be on the back burner.

As we previously reported, A$AP’s alleged victim, Mustafa Jafari — the guy in the video who got tossed like a rag doll — was convicted of assault in 2016 for striking a guy in the face on the streets of Stockholm.

Now, we’ve learned Jafari’s buddy, Dawod Hosseini — who’s set to take the stand in support of Jafari — was just arrested this month for theft. In fact, Hosseini was busted 2 weeks AFTER A$AP was hauled into custody.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Hosseini was arrested July 19 for shoplifting two high-priced jackets from a Swedish clothing store. The docs also say cops found a knife on him during the arrest.

Hosseini’s remained in custody ever since then, but he’s scheduled to testify in Rocky’s 3-day trial, which begins Tuesday. Sources familiar tell us Hosseini’s own trial has been delayed just so he can weigh-in on A$AP’s case, as a witness for the prosecution.

Ya gotta think both men — Hosseini and Jafari — will be vulnerable, to say the least, if the judge permits A$AP’s attorneys to raise their records during cross examination. Remember, there’s already the video showing Jafari using headphones to strike one of A$AP’s bodyguards before the all-out brawl started.

A$AP, who’s being prosecuted for assault, has been locked up since July 3. He’s facing a max sentence of 2 years in prison, but the the lead prosecutor has said he wouldn’t recommend that.

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