Adele Gets Mistaken for Katy Perry in New Photo

In the said Instagram photo, the ‘Rolling in the Deep’ singer sports a Jamaican flag bikini top as she has her hair intricately twisted in a style similar to Bantu Knots.

AceShowbiz -Having always been known with her modest and elegant looks, Adele successfully shocked a lot of people on Sunday, August 30 when she posted on Instagram a photo of herself. Some people could not believe their eyes and even mistook the British diva for Katy Perry due to the photo.

In the said photo, the “Rolling in the Deep” singer sported a Jamaican flag bikini top as she had her hair intricately twisted in a style similar to Bantu Knots. In addition to that, Adele sported bright yellow feathers behind her head. “Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London,” so she said in the caption of the post.

Considering that Adele has never shown this much skin, let alone sporting this kind of style throughout her career, people were shocked. Some even joked that the “Hello” singer would be putting Jamaican twist into her songs from now on, with one saying, “Adele went from ‘I heard that you’ve settle down’ to ‘Mi hear bout your likkle girlfriend.’ “

Some others, in the meantime, could not help but confuse her with Katy. “Is this Adele or Katy Perry?! Please tell me it’s not Adele,” one person wondered. “You’re telling me this photo of Adele isn’t Katy Perry?” another still could not believe what s/he saw, while one other commented, “We all expect this from from Katy Perry which is why we refuse to believe it’s Adele.”

“I’m sorry but I saw this three times and thought it was Katy Perry. I never saw the Adele comparison until now,” an individual wrote. On the other hand, someone said that the “Set Fire to the Rain” singer is “only one animorph away from being Katy Perry.” There was also a person who chimed in, “adele looks more like katy perry than katy perry does these days.”

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