‘After We Collided’ Director Opens Up About Choosing Trevor Over Zed For Love Triangle

If you didn’t know, After We Collided was supposed to have two love triangles!

In the book by Anna Todd, there was a love triangle between Tessa, Hardin and Trevor, and another one between Tessa Hardin and Zed.

For the sequel, the director, Roger Kumble, chose to only have one due to a limited amount of time in the movie.

“The initial conversations with Trevor were more like going back to the book and knowing that she had two different love triangles going on in the second book. She had Trevor and she had Zed,” he told ET. “I said to Anna, ‘I can’t do both in a 95-minute film. It’ll short-trip everybody. I think we should pick Trevor because he was opposite of Hardin.’ And she agreed with that.”

“When you don’t have a lot of screen time to devote to this, he better be charming right off the gate. And that’s where I was leaning into some of those rom-com moments because it pushes the story along a lot quicker. And it’s fun to watch,” Roger continued. “In terms of why we didn’t continue that story through, that’s more trying to stay true to the other books. Knowing that Trevor character isn’t really a pivotal character in future books, it’s like, well, we should close this out.”

Check out this clip of Tessa and Zed playing beer pong together!

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