All American’s Cody Christian Drops Debut Single ‘Hills’ – Listen Now!

Cody Christian is stepping into the music world!

The 24-year-old All American actor is getting into the hip hop/rap field and has released his debut single “Hills“.

“Can’t believe we’re actually here. Thank you to everyone supporting me along the way. First single “Hills” available now,” he shared on Twitter with a link to the song.

“Yesterday humbled me so much. Releasing my first song (of many I hope) was such a leap of faith. So many times I almost bailed on the whole thing. So many times I convinced myself I wouldn’t be good enough or that people would perceive me as foolish,” he added the next day. “Foolish for doing something THEY think I shouldn’t be doing. But I love music. I love rap. And that’s honestly when I learned such a valuable lesson.. it never matters what THEY think. Your life is your life. And your entitled to do the things that bring you joy and fulfillment.”

You can listen to the track below and download the song right HERE!

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