Amber Heard was ‘jealous’ when Johnny Depp was around other women, her nurse tells court

Amber Heard 'not a domestic violence victim' says officer

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Amber Heard had issues with “jealousy” and “rage”, and had a history of substance abuse including an “addiction to cocaine and liquor”, her former nurse told the court today. Erin Falati claimed Amber struggled to cope with her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s fame and interactions with other women, and also told the court she noted the actress took drugs with a “high-profile male acquaintance” without Johnny’s knowledge. 

Taking to the stand today as Johnny sues Amber for defamation, Ms Falati talked through her medical notes dating back to her first meeting with the Aquaman actress in 2014. 

Her notes claimed Amber “reports history of substance abuse including an addiction to cocaine and liquor” and “drinks 1-3 glasses of red wine a day”. 

They also read: “Client admits to a history of anxiety, eating disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, bipolar disorder, codependence issues and occasional insomnia.

Ms Falati told the court her notes said Amber had been “experiencing increased agitation recently and has had several outbursts of anger and rage. Her mood has been labile”. 

Asked by Johnny’s lawyer what “labile” meant, she explained to the court: “Emotional lability is when emotions spin on a pendulum, you see someone sad and quickly transition to extreme happiness, it’s like a pendulum”. 

The nurse added that she recalled “a general sense of jealousy and anxiety issues cropping up over the years” for Amber. 

Reading from more of her notes, Ms Falati told the court: “Client expressed concern to husband and Dr Kipper [Johnny’s doctor] she is nervous about being alone while husband is working and expressed she has difficulty dealing with feelings of insecurity and jealousy when not in presence of her husband.”

In March 2015, Ms Falati noted that Amber was “concerned about ability to trust fiance following argument”. 

She told the court she remembered “jealous and anxiety issues including mistrust within the relationship”. 

In December that same year, Ms Falati told the court she had noted Amber’s lip was bleeding, and the actress had told her it was “an injury sustained in an argument between her and her husband”. 

The notes read: “States her head is bruised and she has lost clumps of hair in the altercation.” 

In May 2016, Ms Falati told the court she noted: “Client admits to illicit drug use, and states she ingested mushrooms and MDMA simultaneously and vomited and was ‘high for at least 24 hours straight.

“[Ms Falati] reminded client that illicit drug use will not be tolerated by medical staff and that any medications or drugs that are not prescribed can cause adverse effects with her prescribed medication.

“Client laughed and also reported using illicit drugs (mushrooms and MDMA) on March 9 at home with a high profile male acquaintance. 

“Client reported that her husband was not aware of the male visitor, not her illicit drug use.” 

After this testimony, Mike Spindler, a forensic accountant, told the court he estimated Johnny lost out of $40m in earnings as a result of Amber’s 2018 op ed in the Washington Post, in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. 

Johnny is suing her for defamation over this article, claiming he was the implied abuser and that it destroyed his career. 

Amber’s lawyers made a bid to have the case dismissed earlier today, but Judge Penney Azcarate denied the motion, striking two but keeping one under advisement. 

On Wednesday, Amber is expected to take to the stand to give her version of events. 

The trial continues. 

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