Billie Piper stuns in make up free snaps as opens up about concerns as parent

Mum of three Billie Piper has done her first make-up free photoshoot.

As Guest Editor of Stylist to celebrate the magazine's 10th anniversary, Billie did a completely untouched shoot along with a candid interview.

the 36 year-old wanted to show her real face as she has grown "frustrated" that women aren't seen "in a raw and real way."

The shoot sees Billie ditching the make up and her shoes, as she rocks a simple but chic T-shirt and blue denim combo.

Her blond locks are unkempt and flow naturally.

Billie revealed why she said no to the cosmetics chair for the shoot, saying: "It's a source of frustration for me that the way women are discussed in the media is not true enough.

"We are still not represented in a raw and real way.

"So when I was given the chance to edit this issue of Stylist, it was an opportunity to challenge that. I wanted to meet real women; to remove the smoke and mirrors. And I had to start with how I was portrayed."

Billie added: "I suffer from adult acne. On screen, people have had to spend so much money retouching my skin and CGI-ing things off my face. It's such a problem.

"Going make-up-free for the cover took me out of my comfort zone, but hopefully it makes a strong statement."

The Doctor Who star has two sons, Winston, 10, and Eugene, seven, with ex-husband Laurence Fox. Earlier this year she gave birth to Tallulah, with boyfriend Johnny Lloyd.

Billie revealed she's concerned about bringing up her daughter in "a man's world."

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