Blac Chyna Rips Unvaccinated Travelers as Selfish, Wants Vaccine Mandate

When it comes to vaccinations, Blac Chyna is downright tired of people she calls ‘selfish’ making travel miserable for everyone else … and believes it’s high time for a government mandate.

We caught up with Blac Chyna right after she’d landed at LAX, and was clearly fed up with the experience … which included ridiculously long lines. She said, “It’s way too much. People need to get vaccinated and start thinking about everybody else … the s*** is annoying!”

She showed us the 2nd layer of clothing she wore for added protection — although we haven’t heard Dr. Fauci (or even Joe Rogan) suggest that’s a COVID defense. BC is, however, wholeheartedly for getting the “vaccine mandate popping” … so everyone can travel with peace of mind.

Chyna was slightly calmer this time than she was the last we saw her in an airport — she completely lost it on a fan back in October because they asked for a photo. Let’s just say, she’s not taking ANY chances!!! Seriously.

She started off by yelling, “Go get f**king vaccinated” … and it escalated from there, with Chyna eventually telling a passenger to “stop being stupid, hoe!”

Her rage about this is partly out of concern for King — her son with Tyga — who’s 9 and not yet vaccinated. At this point, she’s ready for the federal government to boot all unvaccinated people off commercial flights … controversy be damned.

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