Brad Pitt Spit Out An "Oh My God" When Asked If He's Getting Back With Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston had a small reunion of some of her exes at her 50th birthday party back in February, and one of those exes included Brad Pitt. So of course the tabloids and people wondered if their genitals were going to reunite since Aniston is definitely hungry for some Pitt even though she had that ass already and he’s the father of a million children now. But then sources said that Brad and Jen are just friends and got friendly again after he reached out when her mother died. And while struttin’ to his car the other day, a pap asked him if he and Aniston are getting back together and he said the words we all say when finding out that he and Angelina Jolie still aren’t damn divorced all the way.

Brad Pitt was walking to his white Tesla with blacked out windows in L.A. (he would have a white Tesla with blacked out windows) when a pap buttered his b-hole by saying it’s good to see him happy, and then asked if he and Jen are getting back together. That shit doesn’t embed, so you can see it at Entertainment Tonight if you want to be riveted out of your panties, but here’s a screen shot:

Notice how he didn’t say “yes” or “no.” I bet that hiding behind those beyond tinted windows is Jennifer Aniston and behind her are the two secret twins they adopted! But seriously, what a dumb and irrelevant question. There’s a much more relevant question to ask Brad, like how does it feel being the least talented and less hot one in the family, which leads me to….

Brad’s brother, Doug Pitt, who is a businessman and philanthropist, did a spoof of Se7ven called 6ix for Mother’s Brewing Company to promote one of their new brews with proceeds going to the charity Care to Learn.

I can’t believe I watched that whole thing. And now I know why Brad Pitt really has beyond tinted windows. He’s sick of people bothering him at red lights to yell, “Hey, aren’t you Doug Pitt’s brother? Can you get me an autograph!?”


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