Britney Spears' Doctors Allegedly Want Jamie Out of Conservatorship

The battle royale between Britney Spears‘ father and her conservator, Jodi Montgomery, is boiling over … Jodi wants Jamie out of the conservatorship and says Britney’s doctors agree.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Jodi is officially joining Britney’s bid to remove Jamie as the conservator of the singer’s estate.

In the docs, Jodi says it’s in Britney’s best interests for Jamie to be sent packing … and JM claims Britney’s medical team wants Jamie out too. This is a huge development and could spell the end of Jamie’s role in the conservatorship. If her medical doctors and therapists think Jamie’s presence is tormenting Britney, that is probably enough for the judge to boot him from the conservatorship.

Jodi makes it clear in the docs … she wants Jason Rubin to be appointed conservatorship of her estate in place of Jamie.

As we first told you … Rubin is Britney’s choice to replace her father. He’s a CPA with credentials who Britney’s lawyer, Mat Rosengart, presumably believes makes Rubin a good choice to handle the Britney’s business affairs.

Bottom line … Britney and Jodi seem to have forged a united front and they’re going full steam ahead to oust Jamie.

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