Britney Spears' Marriage to Sam, Prenup On Hold Pending Conservatorship Ruling

Britney Spears wants to get married, buy a house and have kids … but those plans are all on hold until the judge in her conservatorship case decides if it should end … TMZ has learned.

Britney and Sam Asghari are engaged, but sources with direct knowledge tell us they have not made any wedding plans because of the impending court hearing. Ditto the prenup … there’s been no movement. And, TMZ broke the story … they want to buy a house together, but that’s on ice as well.

All signs point to the 13-year-long conservatorship coming to an end, but it’s not guaranteed. The wild card — whether the judge orders a mental evaluation. Britney, Jamie and others have urged the judge to end it without such an evaluation … in fact, so far no one involved in the conservatorship has suggested otherwise.

Nevertheless, with 13 years of mental evaluations on file with the court, it’s up to the judge whether to cut Britney free without another one. The judge has an easy out given the parties don’t want it, but given the various diagnoses over the years, the judge may want to hear from psychiatrists and other doctors before making the decision.

As for all her plans, Britney is living her life … hanging with Sam, going on vacation and posting stories about her life on social media.

We got Sam out last week who jokingly told us he was happy to be cast in an upcoming Mel Gibson flick, because living off stimulus checks was getting tough. BTW … Mel and Britney have a strong connection. He reached out and helped her during her low point around the time the conservatorship began.

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