Craziest Touchdown EVER Wins High School Game

Forget the Music City Miracle, the Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa High School football team just scored the wildest, greatest touchdown EVER.

It went down Friday night when the team was playing rival Wetumpka High.  Hillcrest was down 30-28 with 2.9 seconds left in the game on their own 41 yard line.  So, it’s do or die.

Quarterback Ethan Crawford passes the ball to the running back in the flat, and that’s when the craziness starts.  Watch as various players get the ball via a total of 9 —  COUNT THEM NINE — laterals.

At times the ball is fumbled and picked up.  At times the runner is tackled, but not before throwing the ball in the air with the hope a teammate will catch it.

The 2.9 second play lasted 59 seconds.  In almost poetic fashion, QB Crawford is the last person with the ball and runs untouched 46 yards for the game-winning TD.

Patrick Mahomes … watch your back!!!

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