EastEnders legends will be left fighting for their lives as fire destroys iconic venue

A devastating fire is set to rip through Albert Square in an upcoming story line which could leave some EastEnders legends fighting for their lives.

The fire is due to rip through Kathy's Cafe which is one of the most iconic venues in the hit BBC soap.

Filming of the scene has just taken place and one insider told The Sun it looks "incredible."

They went onto add: "Bosses are staying tight-lipped about who’s behind the attack and who is left fighting for their lives, but viewers can expect lots of drama as the storyline unfolds on-screen and the residents of Walford deal with the fallout of the event.

"These scenes have just been shot and they look incredible."

The insider claimed that this storyline is set to light up our screens later this year in the autumn in what is shaping up to be an explosive end to the year in Albert Square.

However, the fire is set to keep everyone in Walford guessing as it appears to be a deliberate act which could have dire consequences for some characters.

The blaze could also be a stepping stone in finding out the answers in the Christmas whodunnit.

Back in February, fans were treated to a flash forward scene which saw six of the show's strongest female characters standing around a corpse in the Queen Victoria.

The insider added that the upcoming fire could be a stepping stone in finding out some answers and shedding some light on who might have been the culprit at the Queen Vic.

Kathy Beale – who is played by Gillian Taylforth – has owned the café business since her son Ian sold it to her in 1991.

Gillian's character Kathy was killed off screen in a tragic car crash back in 2006 with her husband's sister calling Ian to tell him about what had happened.

But nine years later in 2015 she was resurrected as it was revealed that Kathy had just faked her own death in an insurance scam in a bid to get some money for her and her family.

Just last month, Kathy was married for the fourth time, this time to Rocky Cotton, but this was not without its own complications.

Rocky's ex Jo turned up at the registry office to claim that she was in fact married to Rocky still which threw everything up in the air.

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