Ed Sheeran Debuts New Song ‘Visiting Hours’ During Michael Gudinski Memorial

Ed Sheeran debuted a new song, “Visiting Hours,” during the memorial service for legendary Australian music legend Michael Gudinski on Wednesday (March 24).

The memorial service took place at the Rod Laver Arena, where more than 7,000 people had assembled.

Sheeran said he was in quarantine for a couple of weeks in order to appear at the event in person.

“In lockdown I was able to have a guitar for quarantine and I always find the best way to process stuff is to write songs, be it good news, bad news or whatever and here is a song I finished last week,” he said.

“I wish that heaven/ Had visiting hours/ So I just could show up/ And bring good news/ That she’s getting older/ And I wish that you’d met her/ The things that she’ll learn from me/ I got them all from you,” sang Sheeran as he strummed an acoustic guitar alone on the stage.

“Well, I wish that heaven Had visiting hours/ So I could just swing by/ And ask your advice/ What would you do in my situation?/ I haven’t a clue how I’d even raise them/ What would you do?/ ‘Cause you always knew what’s right,” he added in the second verse of the song.

Sheeran, who got chocked up during the performance, left the stage in tears.

“We were, first and foremost, friends. He was a father figure and mentor to me, but also we enjoyed the peaks of our touring career together in 2018, breaking the record for most tickets sold in Australia,” Sheeran wrote on Instagram after Gudinski’s death on March 2.

(Photo: Mark Surridge)

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