Elon Musk Addresses Tesla Pileup in Netflix's 'Leave the World Behind'

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Elon Musk is attempting to tamp down any fears about Tesla cars that a new Netflix movie has stoked — but he isn’t really addressing the heart of the problem … ultra smart cars.

Here’s the deal … Netflix released this new film called ‘Leave the World Behind’ and there’s a scene in there where Model 3 Teslas drive themselves into a massive pileup on a road leading back to NYC … this amid a mass power outage/possible cyber attack on Earth.

Like we said, it’s freaky because the cars literally crash themselves into a never-ending accident with nobody in the vehicles — which the main characters have to escape — and the scene highlights Tesla’s high-tech self-driving capability … but in a nightmare scenario.

What makes this moment in the movie extra eerie is the fact that it’s all white Model 3s that are doing this … seemingly at the whim of hackers who are sending the cars to their doom.

Elon responded to a spliced version of this scene on Netflix’s Twitter/X account, and he seemingly tried reassuring people that his Teslas would fare well in a doomsday situation like the one depicted on camera. He wrote, “Teslas can charge from solar panels even if the world goes fully Mad Max and there is no more gasoline!”

Like we said, he’s *trying* to downplay the terror in the scene — but EM either didn’t watch the scene in full, or he hasn’t seen the whole film yet … ’cause the car not being able to start is NOT the problem here. Rather, it’s the fact they can freaking drive on their own!

There’ve been reports of Teslas that have gotten into some bad wrecks (allegedly in autopilot mode) — but it’s unclear if the self-driving feature had anything to do with the cause.

Still, it looks like Netflix capitalized on those fears of “too-smart cars” and turned it into a horror movie, of sorts … at least for this 1 scene, anyway. The flick, in general, doesn’t focus entirely on this issue … but it is certainly a highlight. Shout-out Julia Roberts‘ driving!

Elon Musk Hard At Work

Anyway, here’s Elon’s guarantee that Teslas would serve you well in the apocalypse … so get ’em while you can, we suppose? 😅

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