Emmys 2019: Billy Bush Sparks Backlash With His Red Carpet Return After Trump Tape Scandal

The former ‘Today’ co-host says the Hollywood Access tape scandal is ‘old’ news, but many Twitter users still cannot forget his conversation with the now-President Donald Trump that demeaned women.

AceShowbizBilly Bush has made a red carpet return at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, three years after the Donald Trump tape scandal that cost him his job at “Today” show. The 47-year-old TV host was tapped as a red carpet correspondent for “Extra” from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner, Bush received an enthusiastic response from his former colleagues. While there was a speculation that stars might not want to talk to him after the Hollywood Access tape scandal, a number of Emmy guests, namely Patricia Arquette, Padma Lakshmi, James Van Der Beek, Laverne Cox, Taraji P. Henson, “Better Call Saul” actors Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks, as well as “This Is Us” stars Chris Sullivan, Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia. were seen stopping to chat with him.

Asked by Variety how he felt about the gig, Bush said, “I get anxious before any carpet. Anything I do on a work front, always a little butterflies, you want things to go well and I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that for sure.”

The former “Today” co-host, however, was pretty confident that people would react positively to his comeback. “No not at all, it’s really old,” he said of the scandal, when asked if he’s nervous people would bring up the controversy. “I think it’s gonna be great,” he said of his return.

But unlike what he thought, not everyone was apparently ready to see Bush back at the Emmys or red carpet. Many people have taken to Twitter to react to his gig at the Sunday, September 22 event and it’s suffice to say that they have not forgiven him for the Trump tape scandal.

“Never forget Billy Bush laughed when the serial sex offender said grab women by the p***y,” one commented on a clip of his interview. A second user similarly said, “It’s not old news to women who have been sexually assaulted – you think we forgot he laughed?”

Another reacted to his comments about the scandal, “It’s not old news when it’s still relevant as a current reflection of our government and no sign of a change for the better in this particular person. Get him off the red carpet.”

Some others, however, think that Bush deserves the second chance and Trump should be receiving a harsher treatment for his degrading remarks about women. “Someone explain to me why Billy Bush was the one who got cancelled after that. If you say something awful, you get to be President, but if you listen to it, you can’t be on the Emmys red carpet?” one posed the question.

“I will never understand how Billy Bush lost his job while trump got become president,” another argued. Someone else wished the best for Bush as saying, “I certainly hope he has learned what NOT to do. I liked him and thought he got in the crosshairs. Hopefully, he’ll be the same likable host.”

In the tape that was leaked in 2016, Bush was heard laughing when Trump bragged about his failed attempt to seduce a married woman. He also made a sexual comment on actress Arianne Zucker, calling her appearance “hot as s**t.” Bush was an Access Hollywood reporter during the interview with Trump conducted in 2005. After the tape was unearthed, he was fired from his “Today” post.

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