Fans Run On Field During Super Bowl, Tackled By Security

Two disruptive fans stormed the field and got laid out by security during the third quarter of the Super Bowl — and it was all captured on video.

The pics and vids from the incident show one man dressed in all black was able to sprint almost the entire length of the field … but eventually, security was able to track him down.

The guy even came in close quarters with some of the Rams players … but fortunately, none of them were affected by the ordeal.

He wasn’t alone, though — a second fan wearing a gray hoodie and red shorts also decided to “crash” the Super Bowl, too … with a similar result.

Ultimately, both individuals were snagged and escorted off the field … so they missed the conclusion of a thriller in the fourth quarter.

Streakers and field rushers have somehow managed to land on the field over the past few years … with many doing it as a publicity stunt.

No word on the motive for these two new streakers … but chances are they’ll be banned from ever pulling it off again.

Worth it?!

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