Fully Vaccinated Dee Snider Experiences Mild Symptoms After Contracting COVID-19

When promoting his new album, the Twisted Sister frontman spills that he got the coronavirus ‘a few days ago,’ and believes a trip to DisneyWorld is to blame for his diagnosis.

AceShowbizTwisted Sister star Dee Snider is battling COVID as he promotes his new album. The “We’re Not Gonna Take It” singer has revealed he contracted the virus “a few days ago” even though he’s fully vaccinated.

“This is about day five,” he told Ultimate Classic Rock on Wednesday, July 28. “It was really minor, like, nothing that [mild pain and fever pills] Advil and Sudafed [couldn’t handle], but… even though I feel fine, I don’t want to take a chance.”

“I won’t say that I had no effects. It was a little aches and pains, a little stuffiness. But like I said, a Sudafed and a couple of Advil and I was just doing everything, business as usual.”

“I said, ‘Maybe I’ll get tested just for the hell of it’. I got a home test and I’m like, ‘What the f**k?’ But they’re saying that they think a lot more people who are vaccinated have gotten it. And because it’s minor, they’re not going to the doctor or the hospital, so it’s not being reported. Because I’m hearing a lot of people saying that they caught it. It’s not knocking them on their a** or hospitalising them, but they’re definitely getting COVID, even with vaccinations.”

Dee believes a trip to DisneyWorld is to blame for his diagnosis, adding, “My wife decided [to take the grandkids] to DisneyWorld… She looks online – reservations only, limited people in, social distancing, masks, must be vaccinated, if not vaccinated, must be tested. So, okay, great. She gets all of the tickets, $1,000 worth of tickets and goes there. No one checks vaccination, no one checks tests. No one’s enforcing masks. It’s packed and they’re all in lines waiting for an hour.”

“They came back and brought it [COVID] back with them. There was zero enforcement. And then, you know, once you’re through that gate the kids are just running for f**kin’ Minnie Mouse, and it’s non-refundable. They don’t give you a thousand bucks back for all of the tickets you bought. It’s like, ‘C’mon grandkids!’ They’ll be hating grandma for the rest of their lives.”

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