Game of Thrones finale leaks online – and furious fans slam ‘worst ending ever’

Game of Thrones fans are claiming the ending has been 'leaked' online – and they want the rest of the season to be 'cancelled'.

Viewers on Twitter have alleged that they have seen massive spoilers from the final two episodes, which are due to air in the next two weeks.

Some are insisting that major plot points and even a reported minute-long clip have been posted online revealing who dies and who sits on the Iron Throne at the end.

Angry viewers, who claimed to know how the fantasy series ends, have labelled it the 'worst ending in TV history'.

And with some leaks from this week's episode, The Last of the Starks, being proven correct – fans are convinced this is the real deal.

Furious Game of Thrones fans took to Twitter after claiming to have seen the reported leaks.

One outraged viewer said: "If you thought this episode was disappointing, if the leaks for Episode 5 & 6 prove true as well (which they probably will as they were spot on for season 8 thus far) you haven't seen nothing yet.'"

Another added: "I just read all the leaks for game of thrones. I don’t want the ending anymore. Cancel the show… if all of that is true… people are gonna have a bad taste in their mouth after putting so much of their time into this show #GOT #GAMEOFTHRONES"

A third said: "I've seen the leaked episode 5 and and it's the worst ending in tv history if people don't believe me go to reddit and Twitter and type Game Of Thrones leaks and you'll see and they posted leaks 5 days ago and everything on the leaked script came true in Episode 4."

The final season of Game Of Thrones has been rocked by leaks from the very start.

The premier accidentally aired four hours early on some streaming sites, while the second episode leaked before it was aired.

A major death from episode 4 was also ruined when a video appeared online hours before it was broadcast.

David Nutter, who directed three of the final six episodes of Game Of Thrones, had his say on the final season leaks.

He told The Wrap : "Well, I don’t know what [HBO does] or how they do it, so that’s kind of out of my purview.

"But as far as leaks are concerned, I think a lot of fans of the show might hear about leaks but they don’t try to find out what they are, because I think fans of the show don’t want to encounter them.

"I’ve never come across as a casual internet person a spoiler that I wasn’t trying to look to find. But leaks have grown out of proportion, I think."

There are still a lot of questions to be answered in the remaining two episodes of the season.

Who will win the final battle at Kings Landing? Who will be killed off before the end? And who will be sat on the Iron Throne?

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