Give This Video of Sylvester Stallone Introducing Al Pacino to Guy Fieri an Oscar

No disrespect to The Irishman, but the best Al Pacino performance of the last year isn’t streaming exclusively on Netflix, but rather exclusively on Sylvester Stallone’s Twitter account (Sorry, Marty). The Rocky and Rambo star shared a video Thursday night where he introduces the Godfather and Dog Day Afternoon star to the one and only Guy Fieri. Naturally.

“I’m about to introduce the great Al Pacino to the great Guy Fieri,” Sly says in the video, walking through his house with Pacino and Fox Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer (who also joined in on the fun) both in frame. “Guy, look who it is!” Stallone shouts to the celebrity chef as he enters the kitchen.

Fieri is clearly honored to meet the legendary actor, and the two exchange “What a pleasure” remarks with one another. “I hope you’re hungry,” Fieri tells him. Pacino, in the most Pacino way possible, confirms that hope: “I’m always hungry,” he says.

Pacino, who is expected to receive his ninth Academy Award nomination on Monday, and Fieri, who has hosted 31 seasons of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, combined in the kitchen for what Stallone called “the meeting of the titans.” Unfortunately, the video cuts off after only 30 seconds; it’s up to our collective imaginations to think up what could possibly have happened next.

The meeting of the masters. The great Al Pacino meets the great @GuyFieri!!! I really respect these guys. @JayGlazer

The idea of this meeting was confusing for some, but as one person in Stallone’s Twitter replies noted…the events in this video were not occurring in real time. We had a real Saw 2 twist situation on our hands. “This video has to be at least a month old,” @xst05 correctly said. Stallone posted a photo on his Instagram back on December 7th, with Fieri, Pacino, and Glazer all in tow—and all were wearing the exact clothes they have on in this new video.

Why Sly sat on this footage for a month plus is anyone’s guess, but at least he finally released it into the world for all to see.

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