Homewreckers reveal how it REALLY feels to break up a marriage

Confessions of a homewrecker! People reveal what REALLY happens when you break up a marriage – from a man who now ‘feels nothing’ for his lover to a woman with no regrets because ‘she loved him first’

  • People from around the world have taken to Whisper with cheating confessions
  • One woman from Coventry regrets it all even though lover’s wife is ‘awful’ 
  • Individual from Virginia just wanted to make ex jealous and it backfired 
  • French woman doesn’t feel guilty because she loved him before his marriage   

Few people can stop themselves feeling judgmental of someone who has knowingly broken up a marriage, which is why you’ll rarely hear people talk openly about it. 

But now people who are self-confessed homewreckers have taken to the anonymous secrets sharing site Whisper to share their stories, ranging from those who believe they did the right thing, to others feeling deep regret.

Some from Virginia got themselves into a complicated mess by breaking up a marriage just to make their ex jealous. 

Now their girlfriend has moved in with her children and is blissfully happy, but they feel nothing and want to be with someone else. 

A woman from Coventry confessed to feeling guilty over breaking up her lover’s marriage even though his wife is ‘awful’, saying she still never wanted it to happen. 

And a woman from Wales revealed a saga that started with her marrying her lover and having a child together, only for her to realise she’s gay and for him to go back to his first wife.  

The very definition of it’s complicated! An individual from Stephens City, Virginia, got themselves into a complete mess by trying to make their ex jealous – and is now not interested in their partner 

Regrets, I’ve had a few! This person from an unknown location is not so sure about their partner, even though she left her marriage so that they could be together 

Not the ending anyone was expecting!  After going off with a married man, this woman from Wales is now in a relationship with another woman – and he’s back with his first wife

Not your fault! A woman has been left feeling wracked with guilt after being lied to by the man she was seeing 

Not sorry! A woman from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes has no time for feeling guilty because she loved her partner first 

Double trouble! A woman from Fort Stewart, Georgia, who told her lover’s wife that she was pregnant got a nasty surprise to find out that there’s another baby on the way 

Karma can be cruel! A woman from Carson City, Nevada, admitted that she’s not happy with her partner but she ‘deserves’ it after being the reason his marriage ended

It for for the best! This person from Canaan, New Hampshire, said that their affair saved their partner from a toxic relationship 

Chalking it up to experience!  One poster from Billings, Montana, has no regrets about an affair that ended a marriage, even though they didn’t end up together, claiming that it’s jut part of the fabric of life 

Hard to stomach! A woman from Coventry said that despite disliking her lover’s wife, she still didn’t want to end his marriage 

Not such a guilty secret. This woman seems pretty happy about the fact that she won her man in the end 

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