House Party in Hollywood Erupts in Gunfire, One Person Dead

A party off the Sunset Strip at a multi-million-dollar house erupted in gunfire early Friday morning and ended in a car chase … one person is dead and at least 3 others were shot.

It was a chaotic scene at around 2 AM, starting at a house party on Blue Jay Way, a famed street deep in the Hollywood Hills. Witnesses say they heard around 10 gunshots and then saw people running from the house.

We’re told the chaos started when 3 men drove up to the house in an Audi and began firing. A security guard was shot but returned fire and struck 2 of the suspects, killing one of them.

We’re also told when police arrived they found the security guard under a Range Rover at a nearby house. He told cops he was an off-duty, LAPD officer, but we cannot confirm that’s the case. We’re told he was shot in the stomach and taken to a hospital.

The Audi then fled down Blue Jay with a flat tire and LAPD cornered the car just outside the border of Beverly Hills. The suspect who died was still in the car. Cops say another suspect who was wounded was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The third suspect in the car was uninjured.

There were multiple 911 calls from different addresses on Blue Jay, and cops are still sorting this all out.

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