I couldnt feel my baby move – pregnancy is most anxious time of my life, Shaughna Phillips says

Love Island fan-favourite Shaughna Phillips announced her pregnancy with her first child with partner Billy in October, sharing her excitement at embarking on the adventure of parenthood.

The 28 year old had come off the pill over the summer and fell pregnant just two months later, describing the moment she saw the positive test as an "out-of-body experience".

Now, well into her journey to becoming a mum, the reality star is spilling all the details about her pregnancy – from her panic over the lack of movement she felt this week to her near-fainting spells at events…

In her exclusive OK! magazine column, Shaughna gives fans and mothers-to-be her first hand, unfiltered experience…

Changing body

I was a little bit beside myself yesterday as I noticed my nipples have got so dark. I started typing it in Google, 'Do nipples…' and it immediately came up with the rest of the sentence, '…change colour during pregnancy'. It said that from week 16 they would start to change in their pigmentation and gradually get darker until the birth because of hormones. Apparently more blood is pumped into the breast, which has an impact, too.

I texted my boyfriend saying I'm having a bit of crisis, because I'd just never expected or seen anything like it before. The fact that they'll keep getting darker also terrified me a little bit. I think it's because my boobs are just getting bigger.

I've also noticed that I'm going to wee three or four times an hour at the moment, which is a very new development. I think I am in a very committed relationship with the toilet now.

Future surgery

I'm not sure what size my boobs are now because since my breast uplift surgery when I was 22 I haven't really needed to wear a bra. But I absolutely need to wear them at the moment. I've had big boobs in the past and small ones, which I prefer.

I'm definitely going to get my boobs done again, that surgery was the best I've ever had. It actually changed my life. I've never ever liked my boobs in my life. And then as soon as I had them done – I've never had implants, I just had them pushed up – it changed my life. I'll probably wait now until I have any more kids to then have it done because I definitely want more than one. And I definitely don't want to have the surgery every time I have a child.

Nearly fainting

Since my fainting spell at the NTAs, I've had near misses quite a few times – smells and even talking about various things can trigger this reaction in me. For example, I was recently given this pamphlet that tells you how to do a perineal massage – which is basically meant to help with the birth of the child. But it's an internal massage and just the thought of it made me go 'I need to lie down!'

I also went to a Christmas party this week, where I found myself getting hot and bothered really quickly. I kept asking people if they were feeling really warm too, but it must just be a pregnancy symptom. It's small, crowded spaces that get to me.

Panic over baby's movements

Over the weekend I didn't feel much movement from the baby in the mornings. I didn't really feel that much movement and I started to panic because everyone says that the second you notice a change you should call your midwife. I've felt the odd kick here and there but it was nothing like it had usually been.

Then I got a notification from my pregnancy app – it said that at this stage, the baby develops a sleeping pattern. That night, the baby was making up for the lack of movement earlier in the day. I knew then that everything was okay.

Everyone talks about pregnancy being a beautiful thing, but I've noticed – just from speaking to pregnant friends – it is the most worrying time that I've ever had in my life. You think that it's just this most magical time of growing your child, but you are constantly on edge about… Is the baby okay? Is the baby doing what it's supposed to be doing? Was that feeling normal? You are constantly worrying. It's an anxiety that is justified because you're doing something you've never done before; you're growing a human. That, of course, is anxiety-inducing.

Nifty hacks and advice

Friends have been giving me some advice recently – after I panicked over my baby's movements I was told to have sugary drinks, like Lucozade, and to lie down on my side to get the baby to budge and stir a little bit.

I've also had friends raving about Aldi's nappies, they're a god send apparently and are so cheap! I saw some for less than £3, whereas my mum recently bought me a pack from another brand that was a lot more expensive.


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