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MANY people love a Wetherspoons breakfast, but there’s a secret about the eggs that you may not know.

TikTok user @dobbyscoochie, who used to work in one of their pubs, lifted the lid on their poached eggs – and some people were shocked.

In a video that has racked up 4,500 likes, she claimed: “explaining to a customer that they can’t have poached eggs as they are pre-poached and are out of stock.”

She later added in the caption: “I actually never told customers they were pre-poached, I just flat out said no or offered fried eggs instead.”

Many internet users reacted to the news that they don’t make fresh poached eggs in the comments. 

One said: “Oh how I don't miss spoons.”

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Another added: “‘Pre poached’?? I have so many questions not sure if I actually want answers though.”

The Wetherspoons employee replied: “Yes pre-poached, they look a bit like silicon breast implants – imo.”

And one Spoons worker added: “I just say the poacher is broken and they just agree.”

Founded in 1979 by Tim Martin, there are now over 900 pubs in the brand – and staff used to have a very sneaky way of making customers spend more money than they had intended. 

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For decades “up-selling” has been an important part of the Wetherspoons strategy and the secret to success was to ask a lot of questions. 

Speaking on Channel 5’s Wetherspoons: How Do They Do It? former bartender Sophia Nasif said staff used to ask “do you want a double or a single?”

She said: “You say the word double so it sticks in their head first.”

Former bartender George Andrews added: “If you have a gin and tonic for instance, when you came to order that, you would say ‘double or single’ in that order.”

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Former staff members told the documentary team that the most popular alcohol is put on a "speed rail" under the bar to offer easy access on busy nights.

This means employees can make the drink at the bar rather than having to check elsewhere for the correct bottle.

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Speed of service and turnaround is the key to Wetherspoons' success, as the faster drinks are poured the more can be sold.

It's a similar story in the kitchen, where meals are churned out using microwaves and deep fat fryers.

Staff are told there is a 10 minute time target between taking an order to the food being delivered to the customer.

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