Idina Menzel Left Very Self-Conscious by Judgy Ex-Husband Taye Diggs

The ‘Frozen’ actress reveals her former husband made her feel ‘very self-conscious’ during their marriage because he was ‘a little too judgy’ when she ran lines with him.

AceShowbizIdina Menzel‘s ex-husband used to “judge” her when she ran lines with him.

The actress spoke about her 11-year marriage with Taye Diggs while appearing in Carpool Karaoke on “The Late Late Show with James Corden“.

She was joined by her “Cinderella” co-stars Camila Cabello, Billy Porter, and James and, during the skit, James asked Camila if she ever ran lines with boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

“How was he though? Was he judgy?” Idina asked, prompting “Don’t Go Yet” star Camila to quickly respond, “No.”

“My ex-husband, I love him, but he was a little too judgy with me when I used to run lines and then I got very self-conscious,” Idina replied.

However, Camila insisted, “No, Shawn was self-conscious running the lines with me and he wasn’t even in the movie.”

“Cinderella” is out now on Amazon Prime Video.

Idina Menzel split from Taye Diggs in 2013 after ten years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in the following year. The two share a son together.

The actress later tied the knot with another actor Aaron Lohr in 2017. “He’s my guy,” she said of her new husband following their wedding.

“Family, to me, means being able to be yourself, sit back on the couch and relax, and watch a movie with the people that know you better than anyone else in the world,” she added.

Her ex-husband Taye Diggs went on to date “Selling Sunset” star Amanza Smith but they eventually called it quits in 2018.

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