I’m a mum and found the perfect hack to help keep your sofa clean from messy kids over the summer holidays | The Sun

THE SUMMER holidays might be a blast for kids, but for parents it just means there's so much more mess to clean up.

Of course, you can try and get little ones out of the house but if the weather isn't just right it might

One savvy mum found the perfect trick that means her kids can sit on the sofa with their snacks without making a mess.

Sophie, who posts under @thecornishhome on TikTok shared her genius trick with other parents.

She suggested parents try the trick "before the summer holidays really commence and they start getting kind of feral."

"Go and get some double fitted bed sheets, she said.

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"Literally just one for one sofa, one for another sofa, literally loop them on it will save you so much time on cleaning.

"Let the chaos commence," she joked.

The trick is perfect for tiny grubby hands that can't help but leave marks and crumbs everywhere.

The best part is you can just take them off when they do get dirty and throw them in the washing machine.

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Sophie added: "I used to use throws all the time but they are so expensive now, so I just do this now."

Other parents loved the simple trick too, one said: "Going to save this for when my son's older, though he likes to get food everywhere now"

Another said: "Where was this information last week! Would've been useful before my son wrote the alphabet on the sofa."

A third quipped: "Love this!!"

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