‘I’m planning a very small wedding, I’ve learnt the value of money,’ says Love Island’s Shaughna

Shaughna Phillips has opened up on her future with partner Billy, who she is expecting her first child with in the new year.

The 28 year old is not yet engaged, however, the couple have had lengthy conversations about the day he decides to get down on one knee and propose to the Love Island star.

Now, in an exclusive interview with OK! magazine, Shaughna has revealed that when that day does come, she will plan a small, understated wedding with her nearest and dearest instead of an extravagant affair that will cost thousands of pounds.

"I've shown Billy a few rings and said, 'Pick one,' just so I know he's on the right track for when he decides to propose," the TV personality confessed to us, before going on to share the importance of other life events over a wedding.

She shared: "But I think as you get older and you start having life experiences, like a mortgage or children, you do realise marriage isn't a necessity.

"I don't need to be married to feel like I'm in a stable relationship. When I was younger, I always thought, 'Oh, I definitely want to get married before kids,'

"But as you get older, you just realise it's not that important."

There's another side to Shaughna's logic though as she revealed she's gained a new perspective on the value of money after securing her first house, on which she pays a mortgage and has just been granted planning permission to renovate.

She said: "Also, getting a house gives a different sense of value for money. I take my hat off to people who spend thousands of pounds on a wedding.

"Even if I do have a wedding, it is going to be small – it'll be in the council!"

Shaughna and her partner are currently staying at her mum's house and are not expected to move into their own property until next year, once the baby is born.

The house is, however, big enough to have more children, Shaughna told us. And it's something she's keen to do as she'd like her firstborn to have a younger sibling to take care of, just like she did for her own brother.

"I definitely want more children in the future," she said. "I remember being an only child until I was about seven – all my cousins had siblings and I used to beg my mum for a younger brother or sister. So I definitely see it happening.

"Once this house of ours is done, we'll have the space for it too. We won't outgrow that house anytime soon."

"I was like my brother's second mum and I loved it – thrived off it. I feel like my mum definitely had some help with me. So I'd like that for my firstborn too," she added.


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