Iskra Lawrence Loves Putting All Her Curves on Display in Swimsuits, Because Why Shouldn't She?

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?✨Missing paradise @youandmemaldives but spending the weekend with my @neda warriors and @aerie fam is a dream too✨ Was talking to a new friend I made today Rachael and she didn’t realise I don’t get paid a speaker fee for all the walks I do with #NEDA and we talked about her talking the less paid internship with an amazing company over the better paid job – this isn’t always an option for everyone but I’ve always made decisions based on purpose not money. Because how many £ you have isn’t the single definition of success, your impact big and small in others lives, how you show up for your beliefs, for others and yourself, the love and light you spread, the joy you feel being alive, and so much more can all be part of success. I didn’t take any pics today because I was too busy in the moment, connecting irl and loving being present in such an uplifting space, and often some of the greatest moments aren’t caught in photos. So sometimes I make sure I put time aside to shoot and I love these pics by @eliyz_gallery @fitfazil ❤️ I still appreciate taking photos in the worlds most beautiful locations (especially during #sunset) posing and dressing up, and sharing them with you all. But please never compare these pics to your own lives. Right now I’m sat in another airport, 5 flights this weekend, Ive managed to burn my forehead, leggings on and travelling solo with 4 kinder Buenos. Genuinely don’t know how to round up this most rambling inconsistent caption ever but this is me 🙂 thanks for listening? ILYSM see you all at the Boston NEDA walk tomorrow?❤️ . ? @aerie #aeriereal . . #mycaptionsareridiculous #beach #maldives #paradise #travelholic #travelgram #beachday #notatcoachella #coachella #blue #bodyconfidence #curves #ocean

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Brighter Than Sunshine

If there’s one thing Iskra Lawrence knows how to model, it’s a swimsuit. If you just take a look at her Instagram, you’ll notice her posting one bikinigram after another. In fact, we’re pretty certain we can state that the 28-year-old British model has worn just about every single swimsuit style out there. A cheeky bikini? Check. A flattering one-piece? You betcha. A neon yellow bikini that’s brighter than a highlighter? Ding, ding ding!

Iskra’s confidence is practically contagious. She is one of the proud advocates for body positivity and has spoken out about the issue countless times, whether it’s in her thoughtful captions or in the press. She’s even the brand ambassador for Aerie and constantly encouraging her fans to post without photoshopping for the brand’s #AerieReal and #everyBODYisbeautiful campaigns.

Whether she’s posting a cheeky bikini proudly calling out her cellulite or enjoying the sunset in a pink swimsuit, it’s easy to say that Iskra has been crushing 2019 with her swimsuit collection. Keep scrolling to take a look for yourself.

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