Jack Black Forgot He Was in One of His Movies!

Jack Black totally forgot that he was in one of his films.

The 50-year-old Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor made the hilarious mistake when he was recently asked about his favorite holiday movie.

“My favorite holiday film – it’s got to be Elf,” he told Variety. “Jon Favreau and Will Ferrell just knock it out of the park.”

When told he was being humble by not naming his own Christmas film, Jack looked confused.

“Do I have a Christmas movie? Which one is mine?” he asked before he was reminded that he played Miles in The Holiday.

“Oh, The Holiday!” Jack Black exclaimed. “Obviously, The Holiday! Nancy Meyers – genius.”

It’s been 13 years since The Holiday was released, so we’ll let him off the hook!

Watch the video here.

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