Jeannie Mai Responds to Jeezy's Denial of Alleged Infidelity, Gatekeeping

Jeannie Mai says she was blindsided by Jeezy‘s divorce filing — and claims she heard about their split through the media … this, of course, after she recently accused him of infidelity.

The actress appeared on the ‘Jennifer Hudson Show’ Monday, and right off the bat … she was asked how things were going in her personal life. Naturally, Jen was referring to her divorce with Jeezy — which has been making headlines lately.

Check out her response for yourself … JM says that she’s doing better now, but notes she was “gutted” when she first heard Jeezy wanted to end their marriage — something she claims she first caught wind of through press reports.

With that said … Jeannie says her focus now is on being there for her young daughter, Monaco, whom she shares with Jeezy … and who they welcomed into the world last year.

Jeannie also says that although she’s been the most broken this year she ever has been … she says that, in the same breath, she’s found herself to be incredibly strong as well.

No word on what she claimed in her court docs last week — namely, that Jeezy had apparently broken their prenup by allegedly cheating on her … something Jeezy has since denied through his reps.

There’s been speculation Jeannie herself may have cheated too — but we’re told she’s completely denying that. Funny enough, Jeezy himself has recently addressed the topic of infidelity … telling Nia Long that real dudes don’t cheat on their girl.

Based on what Jeannie’s alleged … she seems to think he was full of it when he said that.

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