Joe Biden really screamed at Liz Warren & demanded credit for her work huh

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Once again, I skipped the latest Democratic Debate. I honestly don’t know how people can sit there and watch the whole thing, especially with Putin Puppet Tulsi Gabbard on stage, and with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden doing their old-man-yells-at-clouds thing. If you really think the answer to Donald Trump is a completely different old white guy screaming his guts out, then God bless and allow me to go sob into my pillow. Anyway, I feel justified in not watching any of these debates because I can find out everything I want to know the morning after by watching the unhinged clips. Here’s Joe Biden screaming at Liz Warren because he wants credit for her work in the creation of the CFPB.

"I am deeply grateful to President Obama," Warren replied, "who fought so hard to make sure that agency was passed into law."

— The New York Times (@nytimes) October 16, 2019

That seemed to be the stand-out moment where all of the women at home were like “oh yeah, I know that feeling, when a male coworker demands credit for my work.” And who advised Joe Biden that it was a good idea to f–king scream at Senator Warren?

— Preston Mitchum (@PrestonMitchum) October 16, 2019

— Rebecca Traister (@rtraister) October 16, 2019

elizabeth warren:

— alexorcist abad satan (@alex_abads) October 16, 2019

Meanwhile, it looks like there were no questions about climate change and yet they spent 22 minutes on Ellen DeGeneres’ friendship with George W. Bush??

Climate change is an existential threat. America has a housing crisis. Children are still in cages at our border.

But you know, Ellen.#DemocraticDebate

— Julián Castro (@JulianCastro) October 16, 2019

If you need more than tweets, Politico had a good write-up about what went down at the debate. Elizabeth Warren has made so many gains in all of the polls, I guess she’s the one with a target on her back. I think people are still sleeping on Kamala Harris, but we’ll see.

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