Joe Rogan Gets Emotional About Chadwick Boseman Death, 'F**k, I'm Tearing Up'

“Sucks so hard that some a-holes live forever and some really cool people die young.”

That’s Joe Rogan keeping it honest on the death of Chadwick Boseman … saying he was crushed when he heard the news of the actor’s death.

“I just looked at the news and said, ‘F*ck!!!!'” Rogan said on SiriusXM’s “Unlocking the Cage with Jimmy Smith.”

“Just instantly, “F*ck. That guy was cool.”

Didn’t seem like Rogan knew Boseman personally — but it’s clear from the interview Joe had a tremendous amount of respect for the “Black Panther” star … for what he did both on and off the screen.

“He was such a brilliant guy.”

Rogan says he understands the impact the movie “Black Panther” had on the Black community — and credits Boseman for playing the lead role to perfection.

“He was so perfect in the role — as a human being outside of the movie, he was so perfect.”

So, when Rogan learned Boseman passed away Friday after a secret 4-year battle with colon cancer, he could barely contain his emotions.

“It also speaks to his character that he suffered in silence like that and he didn’t make a big deal of the fact he was trying to get through cancer. It’s a bummer man.”


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