John Travolta Shares His Thoughts On ‘Grease’ Prequel: ‘It’s A Little Risky’

John Travolta isn’t too sure about the upcoming Grease prequel Summer Nights.

The 65-year-old actor shared his thoughts about the upcoming film, which is set to tackle that fateful meeting of Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson.

Grease itself, no matter whether you do it in a high school production, a college production, or a TV production or the original movie, is a perfect piece of entertainment. That’s what I think,” John said on The Talk.

He contained, “If you repeat that perfect piece of entertainment you always succeed, when you go away from it, then it’s a little risky. But then if you are clever enough, I’d imagine you could make it work. But that’s yet to be seen. How do you do that? No one can describe the magic of Grease.”

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