Kate Garraway praises husband Derek Draper's 'extraordinary spirit'

‘He back on the right side of it’: Kate Garraway praises husband Derek Draper’s ‘extraordinary spirit’ after ‘fighting for his life’ in intensive care – as presenter confirms return to GMB

  • Earlier this month Kate revealed that she was taking things ‘day by day’ after he was re-admitted to hospital 
  • The former political advisor was struck down with COVID-19 during the first weeks of the pandemic  

Kate Garraway returned to social media on Sunday to praise husband Derek Draper for battling back from an ‘unexpected and frightening’ turn that left him fighting for his life.  

The presenter took a leave of absence from Good Morning Britain in order to be by her ailing husband’s side following his hospitalisation three weeks ago, but confirmed she will be back from Monday morning.  

Taking to Instagram, Kate, 54, admitted Derek – who was stricken with COVID-19 during the first weeks of the global pandemic – had been readmitted to intensive care after falling gravely ill. 

Concern: Kate Garraway returned to social media on Sunday to reveal husband Derek Draper has been ‘fighting for his life’ after taking an ‘unexpected and frightening’ turn for the worst

Addressing the issue for the first time since her departure from MB, she wrote: ‘Thank you so so much for all your messages of support – they really do mean the world to me & the whole family. 

‘I have taken some time off @gmb @smoothradio & in the last 3 weeks as Derek’s health took an unexpected & frightening turn for the worse that landed him back in intensive care & fighting for his life – again.’

She added: ‘Thanks to the amazing nhs teams & his own extraordinary life force & spirit Derek – please god – is back on the right side of it now and Im so looking forward to seeing you all back on @gmb from 6 a.m tomorrow & @smoothradio from 6 a.m tomorrow & – hopefully celebrating @lionesses #worldcup win! Love & see you in the morning!’ 

She accompanied her message with a photo of herself, Derek and the couple’s two children, Darcy 16, and William, 12. 

Absent: The presenter took a leave of absence from Good Morning Britain in order to be by her ailing husband’s side following his hospitalisation three weeks ago

Sources close to Kate told the Daily Mail that the mother of two ‘has a lot on caring for him’, and has decided to step back from her TV and radio roles following his admittance to hospital in July. 

She revealed at the time that Derek was back in hospital after suffering a ‘downturn’, but added she was ‘keeping her fingers crossed’ that his health could improve, two years after contracting Covid.

Earlier this month Kate admitted she was taking things ‘day by day’ after Derek was re-admitted to hospital, telling The Sun: ‘He’s been in hospital a couple of months now. He’s been coming in and out.

‘Hopefully he’ll come out again. Hopefully tonight. I’m crossing my fingers. I’m really tired but I take it day by day to level out the ups and downs.’

On July 6 Kate revealed that Derek, who has required round-the-clock care since he contracted coronavirus in March 2020, had returned to a medical facility, insisting he was ‘OK’.

Ordeal: The presenter, 54, has been forced to extend her time away from presenting the show to be at Derek’s bedside as he remains in hospital (pictured in Caring For Derek)

Last month Kate admitted she was feeling ‘exhausted and fretful’ as Derek continued to go in and out of hospital.

In May, she also missed a week of hosting Good Morning Britain following ‘urgent’ issues at home. 

Kate previously detailed how her children have had to ‘relearn’ how to be around their dad amid his continued health struggles. 

Derek returned home from hospital in April 2021 after a year-long battle and still requires round-the-clock care in the midst of his lengthy recovery.

Pulling out: Kate (pictured on GMB on July 7) is also thought to have pulled out of hosting her mid-morning show on Smooth FM

United: Derek has required round-the-clock care since leaving hospital in April 2021, after first contracting Covid in March 2020 (pictured with Kate in 2007)

Kate recently admitted she hopes to take Derek to Buckingham Palace to pick up her MBE.

She said: ‘I do feel there’s room for celebration, though, and my hope is that if we do eventually have a ceremony, Derek will be further along in his recovery and we can go together. That would be wonderful.

Speaking to Good Housekeeping, Kate said: ‘When you nearly lose someone, it certainly brings everything into sharp focus

Worrying: On July 6 Kate revealed that Derek had returned to a medical facility after suffering a ‘downturn’

‘In many ways, we’re still learning how we are as man and wife, as so much has changed.

‘It’s the same for the children – they’re having to relearn the experience of being with their dad. And, of course, the biggest learning is for poor Derek.’

Kate previously admitted that if left unaided for over three days, Derek could die.

He is bed-stricken, with Kate doing much of the caring herself as she insists she won’t ‘ever give up on him’.

Ongoing process: The Good Morning Britain host as previously detailed how her children Darcy 17, and William, 12, have had to ‘relearn’ how to be around their dad

Elsewhere in the chat, the presenter also spoke about trying to find the joy in the little moments in life after everything that’s happened.

She explained: ‘I try to live in the moment more than ever before. I’ll send an email and think, ‘Okay, I’ve sent the email. I can’t do anything more about that now, so I’m just going to look out the window and notice how pretty the sky is.’

‘I really try to seize those moments because when you do, you realise that life is just a collection of moments – and finding more good ones than bad ones is probably the secret to it all.’

Struggles: Derek returned home from hospital in April 2021 after a year-long battle and still requires round-the-clock care in the midst of his lengthy recovery

A timeline of Derek Draper’s coronavirus battle

MARCH  2020

Kate revealed she and Prince Charles had got ‘relatively close’ at the Prince’s Trust Awards on March 11 – Charles was diagnosed with coronavirus in mid-March.  

She said: ‘Around the 29/30 March, I came home came in and said [to Derek] ‘god you look ill.’

‘He said he had a headache, numbness in his right hand, and was struggling to breathe,

‘I rang Dr Hilary (Jones) and tried to get through, he talked to Derek. He said put me back on, I think you need to call an ambulance’

Derek, 52, was taken into hospital on March 30 and remained in an unresponsive condition. 


Kate and her children isolated at home after she displayed ‘mild symptoms’.

Kate said: ‘Derek remains in intensive care and is still very ill. I’m afraid it remains an excruciatingly worrying time.

‘I’m afraid he is still in a deeply critical condition, but he is still here, which means there is hope.’ 


Kate said: ‘The journey for me and my family seems to be far from over as every day my heart sinks as I learn new and devastating ways this virus has more battles for Derek to fight. 

‘But he is still HERE & so there is still hope.’

That month, Kate and her family took part in the final clap for carers

She said: ‘I’ll never give up on that because Derek’s the love of my life but at the same time I have absolute uncertainty’


On June 5, Kate revealed Derek is now free from coronavirus but continues to fight against the damage inflicted on his body


On July 5, Kate revealed Derek has woken from his coma but he remains in a serious yet critical condition.

On July 8, she announced she would be returning to GMB, after being urged by doctors to ‘get on with life’ during Derek’s recovery.   

She added that Derek had ‘opened his eyes’ after waking from his coma, but has been told his recovery could take years.  

On July 13, Kate returned to GMB for the first time since Derek was hospitalised.    

On July 28, Kate revealed she’d paid an ‘extra emotional’ first visit to Derek, and admitted she’s ‘frustrated’ by his slow progress.


On August 14, Kate reassured GMB viewers that Derek was ‘still with us,’ but it was ‘a waiting game.’ 

On August 19, Kate revealed she celebrated Derek’s birthday with their two children, and described the day as ‘challenging’ for her family. 


At the end of September, Derek reportedly becomes the longest surviving patient with coronavirus after spending 184 days in and out of intensive care.

Kate reveals Derek has lost eight stone during his battle.

The presenter announces she is returning to her Smooth Radio show so Derek can hear her voice. 


On October 30 Kate reveals that Derek has spoken for the first time in seven months, saying the word ‘pain’ to his wife, who watched on ‘in tears’ over FaceTime. 

Kate says a day later that her husband no longer needs a ventilator to breathe. 


Kate reveals her family car has been stolen in latest ‘body blow’ to her family life, as kind-hearted fans offer their cars to help.

She says she feels ‘physically sick’ at the prospect of facing her first Christmas without Derek.


The GMB star tells viewers it is her dream to visit Derek on Christmas Day.

She also reveals she missed two weeks on GMB after her children were exposed to the virus, but thankfully she and the kids tested negative.

On December 17, Kate has an emotional conversation live on GMB with two nurses who treated Derek when he was first admitted to Whittington Hospital in North London. 

On New Year’s Eve she reflects on a ‘calamitous’ Christmas without Derek, as her house was flooded and she struggled to get a food delivery slot until her pal Emma Willis stepped in to help.


Kate reveals she and her children got to visit Derek in hospital over the Christmas period, and it was the first time her family had seen him since he was hospitalised.

She also says she’s banned from seeing him due to new restrictions introduced during the government’s third lockdown. 


Kate reveals she is unsure how much Derek will ‘ever be able to recover’ following warning from doctors that he may never wake from his coma 


Kate revealed that was in the process of adapting her home to suit Derek’s needs when he is finally released from hospital, in the ITV documentary Finding Derek.

The programmed was praised by viewers for offering a heartbreaking look at the long-term effects of coronavirus.

Kate also revealed that Derek has ‘no muscle left’ since battling Covid


Kate revealed that Derek was finally allowed to leave hospital, but would require round-the-clock care once he was returned home.


Kate revealed that despite now being home with his family, his communication abilities were ‘minimal’ and he ‘couldn’t really move’


During an appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Kate revealed that Derek had said ‘I love you’ for the first time.

After celebrating Christmas, Derek was also pictured in a wheelchair during a trip to the pantomime with his family


Kate revealed that Derek was ‘very fatigued’ and ‘very weak’ following the family outing, adding: ‘I don’t know what this year is going to bring.’


Kate offered a glimpse into the daily struggles of looking after her husband amid his battle with long Covid in the documentary Caring For Derek

She also revealed that Derek would die within three days if he was left alone to care for himself.


On July 6, Kate revealed that Derek had been re-admitted to hospital after suffering a ‘downturn,’ and in a later interview said she takes things ‘day by day.’

On July 20, it was reported that Kate had pulled out of hosting Good Morning Britain to be at Derek’s bedside after he took a ‘very serious’ turn for the worse. 

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