Kelli Berglund & Avan Jogia Join ‘Now Apocalypse’ Cast at Starz’s FYC Event

Kelli Berglund and Avan Jogia pose for a cute pic while arriving at Starz’s FYC 2019 event held at Westfield Century City on Sunday afternoon (June 2) in Century City, Calif.

The two actors joined their Now Apocalypse co-stars Beau Mirchoff and Roxane Mesquida, plus showrunner Gregg Araki at the event, which featured exciting conversations with the casts and creators from several of STARZ’s original series.

Just recently, Avan and Kelli both opened up about shedding their past Nickelodeon and Disney personas for more mature projects.

“If you’re just pursuing and following the career you actually like, the career that you want to do, your fan base becomes more purely people who actually mess with you as an artist,” Avan explained to TV Guide.

“I think people, too, forget that we’re human and we all grow up,” Kelli adds. “But to people, to the world, I’m still 16.”

“People want you to not change, because if you change, they remember that they’ve changed,” Avan continued. “It’s nostalgia. So if we grow up, they have to go, ‘Oh wait, I’m growing up.’”

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