King Charles didnt appoint Prince William to the chair of the Royal Collection

It’s a near constant thing, where 41-year-old Prince William is treated like he’s still a kid or a young man, where he’s not expected to step up into doing real royal work. William has enjoyed an extended adolescence for two decades now, fake-working at random jobs and putting off royal duties indefinitely. When QEII passed away a year ago, the reality dawned on many within and outside of the institution: William has always been a lightweight and he is utterly unprepared to be Prince of Wales, much less king. The heir is a lazy, immature idiot. That’s it. That’s the big secret, that’s the sum total of all of the keenery, all of the promises, all of the “king-in-waiting” PR. They all know it, just like they all know what William did and said to his brother. King Charles also knows that William is a lazy, immature idiot, so big surprise, Charles has not appointed his heir as the chairman of the Royal Collection. From the Mail’s Hardcastle column: “King Charles breaks with tradition as he fails to appoint Prince William as chair of the Royal Collection.”

Have Royal Collection trustees been spared a potential vandal at the helm? King Charles, who has succeeded his mother as patron, has broken with tradition and failed to appoint his son William as its chairman.

If Wills had taken up the number two role, then his stance on ridding the collection of dozens of items of ivory would have placed him on a potential collision course with the trustees.

Primatologist Jane Goodall, a close friend of William, divulged that he would like to see all of them destroyed as part of his campaign to save the elephant.

However, the trustees shouldn’t be lured into a false sense of security. As soon as William does become king, his word will prevail.

[From The Daily Mail]

It has nothing to do with the ivory and everything to do with William being lazy and dumb, just my opinion. Why would William get this appointment when Charles had to spend years Peg-proofing the Duchy of Cornwall so William didn’t run that into the ground and use the Duchy as his personal piggy bank? Plus, Charles is basically Scrooge McDuck at this point – he wants all of the loot, all of the jewels, all of the palaces, all of the STUFF for himself and Camilla. He doesn’t want William anywhere near the Royal Collection because Charles sees all of it as his.

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