Louise Minchin bids farewell as daughters leave family home

Louise Minchin opens up on 'empty nest syndrome' on Lorraine

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Louise Minchin took to Instagram and shared with her 131,000 followers that both of her daughters have now left the family home for university. The former BBC Breakfast host has previously admitted to suffering from “empty nest syndrome” after her eldest daughter, Mia, left home for university three years ago.

Her youngest daughter, Scarlett, whom she shares with husband David Smith, has followed in her sister’s footsteps going into higher education.

Taking to her stories yesterday, Louise, 54, penned: “Trying to smile through the days since both my daughters left for uni…

“Any advice for empty-nesters?”

Empty nest syndrome refers to the grief that many parents feel when their children move out of the home.

This condition is typically more common in women, who are more likely to have had the role of primary carer, according to Better Health.

Louise admitted she wasn’t prepared for how difficult it would be to send her daughters away to university.

Her second daughter, Scarlett, moved away on Saturday, three years after Mia did the same.

Speaking on Thursday’s edition of Lorraine, Louise opened up about her children embarking on their latest chapter in their lives as she attempted to focus on the positives.


“You get to this moment, you go, ‘Oh my gosh, this is amazing!’” she recalled.

“‘I don’t have to do all the washing up, I don’t have to clean all the clothes, tidy the house.’

“You have this huge sense of release and freedom.”

However, it didn’t take long for Louise to start feeling the loss of having her family of four reduced to three.


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She went on: “And nobody warned me, none of my friends warned me, that this was going to be really hard.”

“Much harder… it completely blew me away. Mia left to go to uni three years ago and I was unprepared.

“Unprepared for the silence and the sense of loss and sadness.”

“It blindsides you, doesn’t it?” Lorraine, who has one child with husband Steve, agreed.

“Completely!” Louise replied. “I do talk about it a bit now. So many people get in touch going, ‘I know exactly how you feel.’”

Taking to the picture-sharing site, Louise shared a photo alongside ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly, as she thanked fans for their kind messages.

She penned: “What fun to chat to the broadcasting legend @lorrainekellysmith today about all sorts of things including empty nests, my crazy sporting adventures, and life after @bbcbreakfast.

“Thanks for all your lovely messages and advice.”

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