Love Island fans want to see Jake exposed as hes accused of encouraging boys to stray

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With a hugely dramatic re-coupling as the boys returned from Casa Amor last night, Love Island fans are calling for the boys to expose “good boy” Jake Cornish, 24, for the meddling he was involved in when they were on their “lads holiday” in Casa Amor.

Jake was seen encouraging the boys to cheat on their partners as “they were single as they didn’t have official girlfriends”.

The water engineer stayed faithful to his girlfriend Liberty back in the villa, Liberty Poole, 21, and the pair were reunited after deciding to stay in a couple with each other.

But fans feel Jake should be called out for all the encouragement he gave the other boys to cheat.

Fellow Islander Liam Reardon, 21, nearly dropped Jake in it when attempting to explain to Millie Court, 24, on his return why he had kissed Lillie Haynes in Casa Amor.

During the pair’s teary chat, Liam admitted he'd been encouraged to explore his options.

Millie asked him who had said that to him but lucky for Jake, Liam kept quiet and didn't name him.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to urge Jake to be exposed by the boys for his meddling in Casa Amor.

One viewer tweeted: "Was anyone else waiting for Liam to expose Jake’s vile attitude when Millie asked 'Who was telling you to do it?'

"Liberty needs to know that without the bf/gf status he would’ve done the same #loveisland."

Another fan said: “He honestly should’ve named and shamed. imagine the drama, liberty would’ve checked him.” With a laughing face emoji.

Another piped up with: “Surely one of the boys will mention at some point that Jake spent his whole time in Casa Amor egging the boys on to cheat, so he could come back to the main villa looking like the only one who stayed loyal.”

Another added: “How can he actually watch all that heartbreak and not feel bad for encouraging it at all.”

Fans accused Jake of game playing after Thursday’s episode after he laughed at Liam kissing Lillie Haynes despite the Islander being partnered with Millie.

During Thursday's show, Liam was getting cosy with Lillie outside as she said: "You're here for a reason, I'm here for a reason…" to which Liam replied: "That's a fair point" as he grabbed her for a tender smooch.

At the precise moment, an awkward Jake walked past as he started laughing and interrupted their smooch, joking: "I don't know where to go, where do I go?"

Jake later said in the Beach Hut: "Liam's got to do what he's got to do, but f**k, s**t, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. Bless him!"

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