Love Island’s Amber reveals she was asked to go on the show last year

The outspoken contestant, who was crowned queen of the island after this summer’s series, took to her Instagram to reveal the shocking revelation that she was actually supposed to appear on the ITV2 show last year.

The beauty therapist and Love Island winner decided to do a Q&A on her Instagram stories last night, where she spoke to fans in personal videos and answered questions that they had sent her via the social media app.

After one fan asked: ‘Did u apply to go into the villa?’, Amber replied with a revelation.

‘I didn’t actually apply to go in the villa,’ she pointed out, ‘I got asked via Instagram,’ confirmed the TV star, after it came out recently that only six of this year’s 36 islanders were actually selected through the general application process.

The Love Island winner then went on to explain that she actually could have appeared in the show a year earlier, but was in a relationship at the time.

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‘I did get asked the year before but I had a boyfriend,’ she said, ‘but lets not talk about him.

‘Yeah I got asked on Instagram,’ she continued, ‘and I thought why the hell not let’s try it’.

The 21-year-old also went on to say that she was surprised she went so far on the show, saying: ‘I didn’t actually expect to be in the villa that long.

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‘I know that I can be quite harsh and people take me the wrong way, so I was worried that people just wouldn’t get my personality, but I think that the islanders understood that I was joking the majority of the time’.

The Love Island champ, who won £25,000 for coming first on the show, also opened up on her plans for the future, saying: ‘I don’t necessarily think I’ll be a beauty therapist anymore, performing treatments, but I’m definitely keeping my skincare.

‘I absolutely love skincare, hair care, anything like that.

‘Beauty’s what I know and that’s what I know I can talk about’.

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