Madonna shared the ‘cracks’ that sparked the end of marriage to Guy Ritchie

Madonna teases her upcoming tour in Instagram video

Madonna revealed that her marriage to Guy Ritchie collapsed after their romance died in an unearthed interview from 2012.

The popstar, 64, revealed that at the start, their love story was “flawless” but that over time the relationship broke down.

This left Madonna wondering if true love even existed.

As the years went by she began to notice “cracks in the veneer” of their “soap opera” marriage which ultimately led to their pending divorce. She began to have doubts and realised that marriage “wasn’t what I thought it was going to be”.

According to the Daily Mail, Madonna said that she knew their marriage was ending when she started writing her new film W.E.

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Her new film at the time was about the love affair between the infamous Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII – which was her first major project since the split.

She admitted that towards the end of their romance, all she could think about was the brutal question of “How much am I willing to sacrifice?”

The pair finally split up in 2008 after eight years of marriage.

They had a son together, Rocco, 11, and adopted another boy, David Banda, six.

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Looking back, she said at the time: “Certainly asking a kind of existential question that I think people ask when they’ve been married that long: what is the perfect love?”

She added: “Because when you start off, everything’s great and lovely, and the person you’ve married is flawless, and you’re flawless.

“Then time goes by, and you share a life, you have children, and there are cracks in the veneer.

“It’s not as romantic as it used to be. You think, ‘This isn’t what I thought it was going to be,’ and ‘How much am I willing to sacrifice?’’’

Madonna is typically very private about her love life and her comments come as a rare insight into her marriage.

Meanwhile, Guy, 54, has also been vocal about their relationship in the past.

He once told Details Magazine that whilst he does not regret his marriage with her, the drama was tough and that their life became a “soap opera”.

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