Megan Nicole Cleans Out Her Closet & Lists Her Clothes on Poshmark!

Megan Nicole is clearing out her clutter!

The 25-year-old YouTube star gave fans a tour of her closet – and cleaned it out – in a video posted on Saturday (June 29).

Megan isn’t just tossing her old belongings out, though. Instead, she’s giving fans a chance to buy items from her closet on the fashion buying and selling app Poshmark (which sponsored the new video).

“I have collected so many things over the years, from photo shoots to events to music videos,” Megan explains in the video, before giving fans a tour of her closet, which is actually a full bedroom that she converted into a closet for her massive fashion collection.

Watch the full closet tour and shop Megan’s Poshmark closet here.

See one of Megan Nicole’s hottest red carpet looks here (and see if you can spot it in her closet in the video above)!

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