Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Apparently ‘Weren’t Anxious At All’ Ahead Of Their Son&#82

Good vibes only for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry!

It sounds like they weren’t nervous at all as they went through preparation for the birth of their first son!

According to friends who spoke to People this week following the child’s Monday birth in England, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were about as calm as you can be heading into the momentous, life-changing event! Honestly… that’s pretty impressive!

Daniel Martin, one of Meghan’s friends and her wedding makeup artist, visited the couple’s Frogmore Cottage home in the weeks before the birth and reported that even as the baby’s due date neared, the couple’s anxieties never rose!

He recalled (below):

“They weren’t anxious at all. They were hanging out in their backyard, cooking, just going about their daily lives. They’re both very calming personalities. There was no pressure. They were just like, ‘The baby will come when it’s ready.’”


Cool, calm, and collected… that definitely would not be us! LOLz!!!

Another friend of the couple noted that even though the royal baby is BIG news worldwide, Harry and Meghan couldn’t be bothered about it — and are far more concerned with enjoying these precious moments as a family.

The friend reported (below):

“They are aware of the international platform they have, but now they are enjoying time with their baby boy. They could be anybody in the world right now and are not thinking about what comes next. It is about them enjoying the time as much as possible.”

Awww! So cute!!!

More Babies On The Way?!

Since things sound so EASY for the new parents (ha!), maybe they could add another baby to the mix or something, and see how it goes then?!

Actually… that’s not a bad idea. According to a source close to the royal family, the prospect of having more kids is already on the table — and Meghan is totally down for at least one more little munchkin in the family.

The source revealed (below):

“They definitely want to . Meghan has talked about having one more. There’s so much space for them to be able to take walks with the baby and their dogs and not feel like they are being preyed upon — that was the big thing. Meghan’s so happy there compared to Kensington Palace. It’s like night and day.”

Won’t be too long before these two can get busy again, then, y’all! Ha!!

It’s not just Meg who is down to grow the family, either — sources report that Harry is having the time of his life right now and it’s all coming together for him, too (below):

“Harry has wanted this family life for a while, and he’s going to love it. He’s always enthusiastic with children, and now he will have his own little world that he has dreamed of for a long time.”

That is seriously so great to hear, especially considering how much he’s grown from his previous party-boy days as a younger man!

Here’s to the Duke and Duchess having another royal baby to round out the fam to four! But, hell, why stop there?! Just keep making adorable little royal kids for us all to obsess over forever! LOLz!

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