Meghan Markle's best friend jokes he's Baby Boy Sussex's 'gay uncle' in cute Instagram Post

MEGHAN Markle's best friend joked he was a 'gay uncle' to Baby Boy Sussex in an adorable Instagram post.

Daniel Martin, the Duchess' makeup artist, took to Instagram to tease "Proud #guncle".

He spoke as Prince Harry confirmed Meghan had given birth to a boy.

Bets are on the prince will be called Arthur or Albert.

Meghan and Daniel have been friends for years – he recently visited her at home where she served him avocado on toast.

People laughed at his turn-of-phrase – 'guncle'.

One person joked: You being the gunc is the most historic part of this whole historic thing tbh!

Another added: "Congratulations to the amazing couple, and to you guncle.

"At least you won't get in trouble for trying to sneak makeup onto your niece."


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