Meri Brown Says Shes Alone, Hopeful: Has She Finally Left Kody?!?

Meri Brown has done it again, folks.

And then again and again and then again some more.

The veteran Sister Wives cast member has shared a number of new memes online, all of which point to a couple of things:

Meri has done this often over the past several months, of course.

She has frequently uploaded cryptic quotes that simply have to be directed at her spiritual husband and the mess of a relationship in which she finds herself.

And yet: Meri has also insisted that she'll never leave Kody, despite the father of 18 having admitted on more than one occasion that he left Meri eons agoo — emotionally, that is.

Did something happen to produce this new onslaught of memes and photos?

We have no idea.

But scroll down to see what Meri is saying these days and just try to argue that these aren't all references to the state of her marriage…

1.It All Started on Thursday, July 16

2.Not About the Benjamins

3.Don't Worry, Be Happy

4.I'm Lonely, But I'm Improving!

5.Be True to You

6.Are We Sure Meri is Talking About Kody Here?

7.Just Consider What Else Meri Has Said Via Meme:

8.Never. Stop. Fighting.

9.Jesus Walks… and Does Other Things, Too

10.Let's Also Consider What Kody Has Said

11.There's No Spark!

12.No Sex, Either

13.Good Riddance?

14.So, Why Doesn't Meri Just Leave?

15.Or Maybe She Really Loves Him?

16.She Has?!?

17.She Continued at the Time:

18.She Continued Some More:

19.And She Concluded:

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